Take your studio from monotone... to mainstage

What Is cyclub

CYCLUB enables you to create fully immersive, entertainment-based indoor fitness classes. Simply build a playlist in Spotify, then we program a custom, one-of-a-kind light show to go with it. When class starts, your Spotify playlist will have a synchronized lightshow. CYCLUB puts your riders at the center of a unique and epic audio-visual experience that promises to be the most entertaining workout of their lives!

Increased business

Studios that feature Cyclub have had to add extra classes in order to accommodate for demand. Cyclub increases class size and allows you to add more classes to your schedule. It pays for itself and increases revenue for your studio.

Increased retention

Cyclub turns your studio into a shareable experience on social media platforms. Give your riders a reason to post about their workout at your studio.

INcreased identity

Set your studio apart from the competition. Other studios feature candles, disco balls, and black lights… only CYCLUB offers the professional production quality from concert venues and festivals.

the cyclub effect

Each Cyclub class is a totally unique and custom experience. Give your riders a reason to come back to your studio over and over again.

Increased awareness

transform your studio today

Send us an email at to bring cyclub to your studio today! Start offering your clients an entertainment-based workout they'll remember and come back for.

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